CSRB introduces the best in class data protection & policy platform

At CSRB our mission is to provide end to end support for your business

In today’s world there are ever-increasing demands from government and industry regulations, management complexity, changes to the law, and challenges within the global marketplace.

If you are a larger organisation you will need to have structures in place to ensure that all policies are visible, easily edited when required and accessible for individual review. We can support you.

We pride ourselves on offering a best in class, one stop solution that will pull together all of your data protection and policy needs.

“This system will bring efficiencies and will represent the beating heart of your business. It is the lifeblood of what an organization needs today” – Mark Evans

A state-of-the-art single source of data truth

If you are looking for accountability and transparency on a larger scale via a secure platform, look no further. This document management system is the future. It provides:

  • Everything in one place
    A secure portal to house all your legal and UK GDPR compliance documents under one roof.
  • Accessibility by key personnel
    An effective way for your key people to access and manage all key documents with 100% accountability.
  • 24/7 access
    Around the clock access for remote workers wherever they are in the world across multiple devices.
  • Your own bespoke portal
    The ability to develop your own online knowledge and training portal bespoke to your business which makes external training providers, and the associated costs, a thing of the past.
  • A centralised approach
    A central hub for departments, outside contractors, suppliers, new partners and all staff meaning 100% alignment.

Sound interesting?

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How will this system benefit me and my business?

This system will provide an insight into your business and enable the implementation of your strategic vision. This is a powerful and leading-edge tool that will bring structure and knowledge into your business.

This platform will also minimise risk to you, your people, your business and those of your suppliers and clients. It ensures you are up to date seamlessly so that you have ongoing peace of mind.

If you are a data protection officer in a professional services or educational environment, this will be music to your ears.

Align your business and your people

Document creation and management has never been easier.

You can create online policies, procedures, handbooks and guides, undertake risk assessment, disseminate, monitor and test all with one system.

So if you are looking to build a culture of compliance and transparency, this platform will support you. It offers the building blocks for an organisation based on trust and will provide peace of mind for you and your people.

The result is a quick and easy means of achieving total compliance for the business and the needs of senior management.

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