About Chris and CSRB

Chris Burn standing in front of Clifton Suspension Bridge

Chris Burn has been an accredited personal data protection professional for many years. Making personal data protection clear is a personal passion, not just a job. Chris gives clear, consistent advice and support to help organisations reduce risk and add value.

CSRB is a flexible organisation, a consultancy with a network of trusted partners, who have deep specialist knowledge in  important and complementary sectors.

CSRB’s trusted partners share values of honesty, openness, and fairness. And they care about the planet too.

"CSRB’s value is clear, professional, expertise in a complicated field. Successful organisations today just want to know how to get specialist knowledge into their organisation, not what size of business they’re dealing with. It’s a valued consultancy approach."
Chris Burn
Chris Burn
CSRB Founder & Managing Director

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