Data Protection Support

"70% believe businesses are not transparent about how their personal information is being used" (ICO Trust and Confidence Survey 2020)

CSRB is passionate about certification and the continuing professional development of our data protection practitioners.

We support businesses, individuals and organisations with a wide variety of tailored personal data protection advice, support and training.

Our services are charged at hourly or daily rates for complete transparency, so that you can buy what you need, when you need it.

Protectcing personal data is the lifeblood of any organisation and CSRB wants to support you all the way.

Here's what you get

Professional and Relevant Advice

CSRB provides a wide range of Data Protection Act (2018), PECR (2003) and UK GDPR support.

From annual data protection audits to reviews of policies and procedures to the delivering of online training demonstrating how you can maximise your marketing activities within the scope of PECR and UK GDPR, CSRB is here to support you, no matter how big or small the project is.

Our competitive hourly and daily rates mean you only pay for what you need and no more:

Privacy Notices, Policies and Procedures

CSRB only employs certified practitioners, and all the privacy documentation and policies CSRB provides to our clients, include as standard, a final review by our certified legal proof-reader.

CSRB can provide the following documents, which are legally required under UK GDPR and the Data Protection Act (2018):

Policy & Procedure Review including a GAP Analysis

“87% of respondents believe adequate safeguards are not in place to protect their personal information” (ICO Trust and Confidence Survey, 2020)

CSRB’s most popular service offering is our policy and procedure review. This service provides a ‘state of the nation’ report in line with the regulator’s audit quality assurance criteria, allowing data controllers to see where any gaps (opportunities) in the information governance framework are, how they can fill those gaps and how any risk to the organisation can be mitigated.

The review report and its recommendations form the basis for an orgnaisation wide information governance framework, including a sound foundation for working towards privacy and online security certifications, which enable organisations to stand out from the crowd.

The review ideally should be undetaken annually by a certified data protection practitioner, that is independent from the organisation. 

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