Bespoke Services

As much or as little personal data protection as you need

Start-ups and microbusinesses often need highly flexible, bespoke services rather than a full-service retainer package. We have developed a suite of bespoke services charged at hourly and daily rates so that you can buy what you need, when you need it.  This can mean individually – tailored, expert advice on documents or bespoke personal data training packages.

Here's what you get

Flexible, friendly advice

CSRB can advise and support with every area of personal data protection. From the UK GDPR regulations and relevant data protection legislation to policies and procedures, to tailored personal data protection training. We are here to support you, no matter how big or small the question is. Our competitive hourly and daily rates mean you only pay for what you need and no more:

Bespoke Personal Data Protection Training

Empower your team with expert data protection knowledge.

CSRB offers clear, concise and transparent personal data protection training for organisations of all sizes. We cover a range of subject areas, tailored to your organisation, from online security to personal data processing to protecting the rights of your data subjects. Our training is compliant with the Data Protection Act (2018), UK GDPR (2021) and associated other UK data protection legislation. As part of our environmental commitment, all training takes place remotely.

Our training ensures that your organisation benefits from retention of key staff and clients, through knowledge share, compliance and having the support of a trusted partner even after the training course has finished.

Contact us to discuss your organisation’s personal data protection training requirements.

If you need a clear, simple explanation of any of these services, visit our FAQs.  Refreshingly jargon-free.