Fast, efficient and secure destruction of confidential documents and data

Why use a shredding service

There are occasions when you’ll have confidential documents and data that can be disposed of after a specific duration of time. However, you still need to ensure you follow the correct procedures to be totally GDPR compliant.

Being compliant means choosing a disposal service that will manage this process in the correct way. At CSRB you can be sure you will have written proof in the form of a Certificate of Destruction which provides total compliance and peace of mind.

CSRB provide safe & secure, leading-edge shredding services.
This means you and your people can be sure that confidential means confidential, throughout the entire process.

Shredding services

Professional team provides a secure nationwide service, compliant with the Data Protection Act (2018) and GDPR (2018).
All staff are DBS checked so you can be assured of the safe disposal of all your confidential data. We provide:

Document Scanning & Archiving

Mobile Shredding

On-site collection and shredding service in our secure shredding vans for instant destruction. The service is suitable for smaller and less complex loads.

Off-site Shredding

On-site collection and shredding back at the depot where we can make use of our state-of the-art shredding machines. Suitable for more complex and substantial loads.

Document & Data Destruction

Regular Shredding

Designed for businesses that consistently generate confidential data with shorter term storage requirements. We offer our customers a flexible and tailored solution.

Confidential Bins & Storage

One-off Shredding

For businesses looking for a one off clear out. We offer a service for any size or type of shredding load. You are able to use this service as and when you need.

The shredding of your confidential data and documents is a serious business. We understood very quickly just how important it is to get this right when we experienced the thorough and water-tight process that CSRB had put in place. We highly recommend them.

- Kathryn McKenzie-Rowan, Marketing Manager, Kimal PLC

It’s not just paper either, we are multi-format shredding specialists

Document Scanning & Archiving


Document Scanning & Archiving

SD & Data Cards

Document Scanning & Archiving

Mobile Phones

Document Scanning & Archiving


Document Scanning & Archiving


Document Scanning & Archiving

X-rays & Microfiche

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What makes CSRB different?

Well, we think that our service offers just a little bit more:

Free advice
We give you free GDPR compliant advice with each service.
Sort & destroy service
Used whenever possible, which means getting your documentation ready for shredding, thus saving you time and money.

Eco-friendly secure destruction
Carbon neutral certified and meeting Euro 6 emissions standards.

How does CSRB offer value?

Lockable bins, consoles and bags
We offer a full service and can even supply you with the equipment you need on-site.
Completely secure
We securely store your documents from the premises to the vehicle to the depot, offering complete peace of mind.
State of the art machinery
We can shred most data formats effectively and cost effectively.
Certificate of destruction
We sign off every project and talk you through the procedure for full transparency.

Commitment to sustainability
All paper items are recycled, baled and returned via paper mills. Other media is recycled where possible. CSRB proudly promotes recycling and the circular economy.

Why do we need a shredding service, if we can use a shredder on site and shred ourselves?

The number one reason is that of GDPR compliance. You cannot obtain a Certificate of Destruction by shredding confidential documents yourselves. This must be completed by an approved independent company, which issues such certification. The ICO will request proof of destruction throughout any audit process. As can your clients through a Freedom of Information request.
And there are other benefits which include:

  • Efficient systems
    An up-to-date filing system and data records which are clean, compliant and easy to navigate.
  • Be more productive
    More usable office space means more space to be productive.
  • Reduced risk
    Destroy documents you don’t need and reduce your insurance liability.
  • Environmentally friendly 
    Improve your sustainable credentials as a business by reducing and recycling.

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