Protecting your online confidential data from cyber-attacks and security breaches

Data leaks are quickly becoming the biggest security threat to business life. Ever increasing and sophisticated cyber-attacks are sadly a sign of modern times and a direct consequence of the growth of our personal and professional lives online.

The truth is, complying with GDPR guidelines involves so much more as you are also required to protect yourself against attack of your digital space online.

“One small business in the UK is successfully hacked every nineteen seconds”
– Source: Hiscox

How well am I covered against cyber-attack and am I at risk?

If you’re not sure whether you are adequately protected, ask yourself the following questions about your business:
  • Do you have any cyber security?
    Are there processes, people responsible, risk management and best practise in place?
  • Have you identified and prioritised?
    Have you identified and prioritised the critical assets that need to be protected most and is monitoring in place?
  • Is there an understanding of third-party risk?
    Are processes for suppliers in place? Does the business have a system to update this when the need arises?
  • Are you clear about likely cyber threats?
    Does the business have hypotheses and defined solutions in place?
  • Is an incident management plan agreed?
    How do you know an incident has taken place and do you know who will deal with the issue?
  • Are you reviewing your situation regularly?
    Do you have a monthly/quarterly review procedure in place in these ever-changing times?
If you have answered no to any of these questions then please read on.
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Cyber security is vital, but it doesn’t need to give you nightmares. The team at CSRB works tirelessly on your behalf so that you don’t have to.

We want you to have total peace of mind.

- Chris Burn, MD, CSRB Ltd

You can trust CSRB to take care of your online data

At CSRB, we will make sure that your online confidential data is as secure as the documents and data housed in your office.

You can trust that we take protecting your online data very seriously. Let us support you in finding the right cyber security solution for your business.

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Your online security matters to us

We want you to have multiple levels of security in place so that you feel protected on the inside and, critically from the outside too. Our comprehensive cyber-security packages have been carefully devised to offer a range of solutions to fit your business needs.

We want to give you that certainty and peace of mind.


Online Presence Security Review (Remote report)
Our silver package has been designed to assess and review any online vulnerabilities including:
  • Company website
  • Domain name management
  • Cookie policy review
  • Email security
Available from
£495.00 +VAT


Cyber Security Health Check (Remote consultation & report)
Our gold package has been designed to review the 10 key elements of Cyber Security (as advised by the National Cyber Security Centre), including:
  • Network security
  • User awareness & training
  • Malware prevention
  • Working from home & mobile
  • Manage user privileges
Available from
£749.00 +VAT


Cyber Security Premium
(Full assessment & Cyber Essentials review)

Our platinum package has been designed to give a comprehensive monthly review and support over the year including:
  • Remote fact-finding consultation
  • Recommendation on changes needed to comply with Cyber Essentials
  • 1 year’s subscription to a basic cyber essentials’ handbook bespoke for your company
  • The completion of the online Cyber Essentials Self-Assessment application
Available from
£1595.00 +VAT
Don’t see what you’re looking for or have further questions?
Please get in touch and we will be delighted to discuss your needs further.
Call us on 0117 3250 830 or email
Don’t see what you’re looking for or have further questions?
Please get in touch and we will be delighted to discuss your needs further.
Call us on 0117 3250 830 or email
I know that when I walk in the room 70% of business owners will have experienced a data breach and they won’t even know it.

CSRB can make sure that you aren’t just another statistic.

- Mark Evans, Kbase Connect Ltd

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